[Online] International Summer School on Arbitration by ADR HOC, India supported by BAIAC, Singapore [Register by 11 June 2021]

About ADR HOC, India

As the name suggested it is an organization formed for the promotion of Alternate Dispute Resolution in India. ADR is an extensive field having a variety of alternatives for individuals willing to resolve their disputes to choose from, ranging from Arbitration, Mediation, conciliation, negotiation, etc. It is becoming a widely accepted mode of dispute resolution. The organization aims to create awareness, facilitate extensive research and explore possible career options in the field of ADR. The organization regularly conducts national/international webinars, conferences, panel discussions with eminent industry experts, certificate courses and provides internships. We are a one-stop avenue for all the ADR aspirants.

About BAIAC, Singapore

The Beihai Asia International Arbitration Centre (BAIAC), Singapore, was established by Beihai Arbitration Commission on 8 August 2019, which is headquartered in Beihai, Guangxi Province, the move represents the first ever establishment of an international arbitration center in Singapore by a Chinese arbitration commission. BAIAC’s is established, managed and operated as a true-blue international arbitration centre. It is established not to compete with existing well established international arbitration centres but to meet unmet demands and contribute towards a renewed arbitration and dispute resolution industry. Diversities in terms of gender, geographical, generational and generality are their key guiding principles. Responding to the needs of low to medium value disputes, they promote lower costs of arbitration, this way also to encourage swifter conduct if not early disposal of cases. Their arbitration rules provide for small claims and expedited procedures.

About the Course


The purpose of this course is to introduce students, academicians, young lawyers and professionals to the nuances of Arbitration and the connected stems there to. The course will acquaint the participants with the intricacies of Domestic & International Arbitration. It will enable them to learn the basics of arbitration, techniques, how to draft arbitration clause in a contract, and various other related facets of Arbitration.

We are offering :

  • Expert Faculty from all across the globe.
  • Extensive Learning of Arbitration with 10+ Sessions.
  • In-depth learning of interpretation of various laws governing Arbitration.
  • Hands-on practical training from seasoned experts to help you garner skills required to function as an arbitration professional.
  • Skill Development Workshops.
  • Certificate of completion.

Who should take this course ?

  • Law students aspiring a career as an arbitration professional.
  • Professionals seeking to diversify their practice.
  • Academicians and everyone else looking to learn more about the subject.


Faculty members, Research scholars, professionals, and students are eligible to participate.


  • On weekdays: 2 hrs session each day
  • On weekends: 5 hrs session each day

Registration Fees

  • For Indian Student: INR 5000
  • For Indian Professionals & Academicians: INR 7500
  • For International Student: $100
  • For International Professionals: $150

Payment Details

  • UPI ID : [email protected] or pay through the link mentioned below.
  • Get 10%+ off if registering in a group of more than 5 people.

Important Dates

  • Last Date of Registration for attendees: June 11, 2021
  • Starting of the school: June 12, 2021
  • Ending of the school: June 21, 2021

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