About the Organisation

ADR Hoc was established under the aegis KnowledgeSteez EduHUB (LLP AAM 8237) in order to propagate the research and development in the area. As the name suggested it is an organisation formed for promotion of Alternate Dispute Resolution in India. We are well aware that the Indian judiciary is overburdened with cases and people have started looking for alternatives to resolve their disputes. This is where ADR plays an important role. It has become imminent that Dispute Resolution has to be facilitated by dialogue with long term focus by way of good communication platform and acceptable dispute resolution mechanisms adopting global standards. ADR is an extensive field having variety of alternatives for individuals willing to resolve their disputes to choose from, ranging from Arbitration, Mediation, conciliation, negotiation etc. It is becoming a widely accepted mode of dispute resolution. ADR being an extremely wide field there a quite a lot of undiscovered arenas. The organisation aims to create awareness regarding the field amongst people. Facilitate Extensive research and explore possible career options in the field of ADR.

Duration: ONE MONTH (Probation Period) then permanent position 


  • Content and Creation Department 
  • Research and Development Department
  • Media and Marketing Division
  • Design and Outreach Department 
  • Events Department 

Interested Students should send soft copies of:

  • Latest CV
  • A brief statement of purpose (not to exceed 500 words)

Procedure of Application:

Mail your CV to with subject ‘Application for __________ (Department you are applying for)


  • Be a part of the core team of ADR HOC 
  • Opportunity to meet distinguished personalities of the field

Other benefits include:

  • Attending events of Knowledge Steez/ ADR HOC  and other events we are associated with
  • Training/ Assistance in Scholarships/ International Conferences

Contact for further details:

Last date of applying 

28th August 2020

Number of positions available : 10

Contact Information: 

Megha Shawani

Executive Director



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